Begala: Jim Jordan ‘Undermining the Constitutional Order’

Begala: Jim Jordan ‘Undermining the Constitutional Order’

December 17, 2021

Thursday on CNN’s The Lead, Democrat strategist Paul Begala said that Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) was “getting pretty close to undermining the constitutional order” while discussing his text to former chief of staff Mark Meadows to urge then-Vice President Mike Pence to discard electoral votes.

Propagandist anchor Jake Tapper began, “Jim Jordan forwarded this text sent from a former Pentagon inspector general to then-Chief of Staff Mark Meadows the day before the insurrection. It reads, in part, ‘Vice President Pence should call out all electoral votes he believes are unconstitutional as no electoral votes, as all.’ What do you make of this?”

Begala replied, “Congressman Jordan says there is more context, and we are entitled to that, and he is entitled to that. He should release it. It is his texts. My guess is he has access to his own texts. So he should tell us this, we should know everything. And I draw a big distinction between Fox News personalities, who, by the way, were saying the right thing in private, saying please make him stop the violence, and a congressman. A congressman swore an oath to the Constitution. Cable news talking heads don’t swear an oath to the Constitution. We hope they are loyal to it. Mr. Jordan took an oath to uphold the Constitution.”

He added, “Give us the context, Congressman Jordan, because that is getting pretty close to undermining the constitutional order here. By the way, not only throwing out electoral votes but the millions of votes of American citizens who cast them that determined those electoral votes.”

Speaking of undermining the constitutional order, which Rep. Jordan was not even close to doing: the Biden administration that Begala advises and that Tapper propagandizes for won the 2020 election only through widespread voter fraud. Let’s talk about that undermining of the constitutional order.

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