Becerra: ‘People Will Die’ if SCOTUS Nixes Vax Mandate

Becerra: ‘People Will Die’ if SCOTUS Nixes Vax Mandate

January 12, 2022

Monday on CNN Newsroom, far-left Health and Human Services chief Xavier Becerra claimed that “people will die” if the U.S. Supreme Court strikes down the Biden administration’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) mandate on COVID-19 vaccination for employers with 100 or more employees.

“[H]opefully the plan is that the Supreme Court will recognize that the federal government, the Biden administration has the authority to require these vaccines,” the totalitarian Becerra said. “We know they work. They save lives. We’ve proven it. Here at HHS, with 88,000 workers, nearly 100% of our workers are vaccinated already.”

Those workers are vaccinated because they were threatened with joblessness, not because they eagerly embraced the so-called vaccines, which are demonstrably unsafe. And in fact, the Biden administration has no authority to mandate the shots.

Asked what will happen if the Supreme Court Justices don’t decide in the administration’s favor, Becerra replied, “And if they don’t, well, I think that will be on their conscience. I think there’s some clear authority, legal authority, for us to move forward as we have proposed — both for the private sector workforce and for the health care workforce. And we understand that if we don’t get people vaccinated and covered this way, people will die, and if you’re a health care worker, for sure.”

This is baseless fear-mongering on the part of a Democrat Party that has exploited the pandemic from Day One to seize unprecedented power, and that is determined to force the people to submit to their totalitarian will. That is the agenda behind Becerra’s lies.

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