Bass: Men Killed by Rittenhouse Akin to Civil Rights Workers

Bass: Men Killed by Rittenhouse Akin to Civil Rights Workers

November 17, 2021

Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union, radical leftist Rep. Karen Bass declared insanely that the two white rioters killed by Kyle Rittenhouse in self-defense during a protest were the equivalent of Civil Rights activists killed in the 1960s.

“Remember now, where were the white men killed?” Bass explained. “At a protest, protesting in solidarity for black folks so, to me, it was reminiscent of the Civil Rights Movement when you had young white people that participated in the sit-ins and protests, and they were subject to beatings, they were subject to shootings, many of them were killed as well, and it’s as though the judge is taking that very lightly. Remember, the judge in the Rittenhouse case said you couldn’t even refer to the people that were killed as victims. You could refer to them as rioters.”

Fact check: the violent criminals, one of them a convicted pedophile, who attacked Rittenhouse and threatened to kill him were not victims, and they were not “protesting in solidarity with black folks.” They were rioting with the Communist revolutionaries of the Black Lives Matter movement, and they tried to kill Rittenhouse.

“The majority of the people protesting were African-American,” Bass continued lying. “But the white men that were killed were protesting in solidarity with the black people, so it reminded me of the Civil Rights Movement.”

Again: it was a riot, and the men Rittenhouse shot were actively trying to kill him. Bass wants that innocent teenager to go to prison for murder as a message to her political opponents: defend yourself from our political violence and we will destroy your life.

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