Bass: I Worry White Supremacists Will ‘Infiltrate’ Protests and ‘Incite Violence’

Bass: I Worry White Supremacists Will ‘Infiltrate’ Protests and ‘Incite Violence’

September 25, 2020

Wednesday on MSNBC’s The Beat, Rep. Karen Bass said with a straight face that she worries that white supremacist groups “will infiltrate”  the Breonna Taylor protests and “incite violence.”

“Now, I’m very worried that this was just straight political to begin with,” Bass claimed. “We know that the attorney general was a superstar at the Republican Convention. We know what his background was. So, I have to look at where he was coming from politically.” No, you have to look at the facts. The facts are that Taylor died because her drug-dealing boyfriend fired on police after they knocked with a warrant.

“I’m very worried about the protests,” Bass fretted. “I hope the protests stay peaceful, but I do remember when the protests were happening a few months ago, Louisville was the site of the Boogaloo Boys. So, we have white supremacist organizations that I know are already around, already on the scene, and I worry very much that they will infiltrate the protests, and that they will incite violence.”

No need to worry about white supremacists. The domestic terrorists of Black Lives Matter and Antifa will be bringing plenty of their own violence.

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