Barrett Rebuffs Blumenthal’s Global Warming Question

Barrett Rebuffs Blumenthal’s Global Warming Question

October 15, 2020

During Wednesday’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing, nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett shut down Sen. Richard Blumenthal‘s attempted line of questioning regarding her opinion on global warming.

“Let me ask you about a topic that really hasn’t arisen here. Climate change,” Blumenthal began. “Do you believe that human beings cause global warming?”

“Well Sen. Blumenthal, I don’t think I’m competent to opine on what causes global warming or not so I—” she began, but Blumenthal interrupted: “Well, we all have views on it. I’m asking for your opinion.”

“I don’t think my views on global warming or climate change are relevant to the job I would do as a judge, nor do I feel like I have views that are informed enough. And I haven’t studied scientific data,” Barrett replied. “I’m not really in a position to offer any kind of informed opinion on what I think causes global warming.”

Blumenthal then tried to get her to state whether she agrees with President Trump’s views on climate change, but Barrett again closed that avenue of questioning: “I don’t know that I have seen the president’s expression of his views on climate change.”

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