Rep. Lee: Debt Bill Negotiations ‘Lose-Lose’ for ‘Phenomenal’ Joe

Rep. Lee: Debt Bill Negotiations ‘Lose-Lose’ for ‘Phenomenal’ Joe

June 5, 2023

Friday on The Issue Is, Rep. and U.S. Senate candidate Barbara Lee (D-CA) stated that negotiations over an agreement to raise the debt limit were “lose-lose” for President Biden and that she voted against the bill to raise the debt ceiling because of plunging, discretionary domestic spending, the work requirements, and the end to the student loan payment pause.

Lee said, “I have to tell you, the President did a phenomenal job, but it was lose-lose really with Kevin McCarthy and the MAGA Republicans really wanting to go into default that I decided, when I saw that the work requirements were going to be disproportionately impacting black and brown women with children, students now are going to have to replay these loan[s], I mean, there were some provisions in there — and as an appropriator, looking at it and how much our discretionary domestic spending is going to go down a billion dollars, I had to represent my constituents and the 20 million people here in California who are one paycheck away from poverty.”

Twenty million Californians are one paycheck away from poverty because of Democrat policies, not MAGA Republicans. And Biden hasn’t even done a “phenomenal” job of standing upright, much less helping the American people economically.

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