Barack: Sometimes You Just Have to Beat Racist, Angry, Sexist Republicans

Barack: Sometimes You Just Have to Beat Racist, Angry, Sexist Republicans

October 12, 2022

Former (?) President Barack Obama smeared his political opponents as angry, racist, and sexist during a private conversation with some of Europe’s elites at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit in June, according to a newly-revealed transcript.

“Sometimes it just turns out they’re mean, they’re racist, they’re sexist, they’re angry,” Obama reportedly said. “And your job is then to just beat them because they’re not persuadable.”

Details of his remarks were revealed in a new CNN report about Barack’s political activities during the midterms.

Obama is expected to limit his appearances on the campaign trail for the midterm elections, according to the report, despite his concern about the future of democracy.

If Democrats lose big in the midterm elections, Obama is preparing a summit to rally his party two weeks after Election Day. The event is described as a “Democracy Forum” which will focus on the future of global democracy.

“We’ll explore a range of issues – from strengthening institutions and fighting disinformation, to promoting inclusive capitalism and expanded pluralism – that will shape democracies for generations to come,” Obama wrote in a letter to donors.


  • “fighting disinformation” = curbing our opponents’ freedom of speech
  • “inclusive capitalism” = socialism
  • “expanded pluralism” = overthrowing white capitalist power structures and transferring power to oppressed minorities
  • “shape democracies for generations to come” = establish a one-party State
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