Baldwin: When Bloomberg Wants Something, He ‘Buys It’

Baldwin: When Bloomberg Wants Something, He ‘Buys It’

February 20, 2020

Actor/activist Alec Baldwin took time off from attacking President Trump on social media to attack White House hopeful Michael Bloomberg instead, suggesting the Dem multi-billionaire is simply buying the presidency.

“Bloomberg was a Republican when it suited his purposes, became a Democrat when it suited his purposes,” Baldwin tweeted about the former New York mayor who spent nearly $300 million of his own money in his three mayoral campaigns. “When he wants something, he simply buys it.”

“Bloomberg is bright, a gentleman, an enormously successful business leader. And, like others with a lot of cash on hand, a collector,” he concluded. “In Bloomberg’s case, it is a collection of prestigious accomplishments that will help him complete himself. All at public expense.”

The rising Bloomberg is seen as a more establishment Democrat than his more radical rivals, and thus will likely be ganged-up on by them in the upcoming Democrat primary debate.

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