Baldwin: U.S. Govt as Lawless as ‘Malignant Dictatorships’

Baldwin: U.S. Govt as Lawless as ‘Malignant Dictatorships’

February 13, 2020

The left never seems to tire of abusing their hyperbolic analogy equating President Trump and the GOP with Hitler and the Nazis. On Wednesday, actor/activist Alec Baldwin tweeted, “It’s official. The United States government is as lawless as the malignant dictatorships we’ve hated in our foreign policy since WWII.”

Presumably, Baldwin’s tweet was referring to the Justice Department’s decision to reduce its original sentencing recommendation for Trump political consultant Roger Stone, who was convicted of lying in the course of Robert Mueller’s so-called investigation into Russian collusion in the 2016 election.

Baldwin, who got a late-career boost by appearing often on Saturday Night Live mocking Trump, also recently claimed that “Trump’s impeachment centers on a hate crime. He hates the Constitution.” In another social media post, he blamed Trump for the “near moral collapse of this country.”

Moral collapse, hating the Constitution… Baldwin’s tweets are more examples of the left being guilty of that which they accuse the right of.

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