Baldwin: Remove ‘Traitorous Democrat’ Sen. Joe Manchin

Baldwin: Remove ‘Traitorous Democrat’ Sen. Joe Manchin

May 12, 2022

In a recent tweet, actor/activist/anger management failure Alec Baldwin pushed for the removal of dissident Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin from office, calling him “traitorous.”

Sen. Manchin recently broke ranks with Democrats to vote against his party’s abortion bill that would have legalized late-term abortion up to the moment of birth. The senator said the bill, which was defeated 51-49, went too far and that he remains pro-life.

Baldwin’s tweet declared that the senator is more dangerous that the “unhinged Republican” — presumably a reference to former President Trump and his supporters.

In another split with his party, Manchin blasted President Joe Biden (D) for failing to fix the nation’s inflation woes that have caused consumer prices to skyrocket to levels unseen in more than four decades.

Meanwhile, Baldwin could still face criminal charges in connection with the shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of Baldwin’s movie Rust last year. An investigation is still underway, but the actor insists he isn’t responsible for the fatal shooting, which occurred when the gun he was aiming at Hutchins “discharged” accidentally.

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