Baldwin: Our Allies Think Many Americans Are ‘Outright Racists’

Baldwin: Our Allies Think Many Americans Are ‘Outright Racists’

July 19, 2019

Actor/activist Alec Baldwin claimed on social media that “our friends in other countries” now believe a “mass of Americans are outright racists” because of President Trump.

“One of the tragic outcomes of the Trump era is that many of our friends in other countries now believe that a critical mass of Americans are outright racists,” he tweeted without adducing any examples or evidence.

Baldwin is principally known now for his ongoing anger management issues, imitations of Trump on the purported comedy show Saturday Night Live, and social media attacks against the Trump administration, which he claims is run by a group of “bandits, whores, and thieves.” He described Trump recently as a “National Socialist tumor,” an obvious reference to Hitler’s Nazi Party — and an ironic one, considering that the Democrats, not Republicans, are the party of socialism.

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