Baldwin: ‘Let’s Get This Fascist Wh*re Out of Our Lives’

Baldwin: ‘Let’s Get This Fascist Wh*re Out of Our Lives’

September 7, 2020

Taking to Twitter on Sunday morning, actor/activist/anger management failure Alec Baldwin responded to a 2013 news item about Donald Trump heckling Barack Obama in a faux performance on Trump’s show The Apprentice during the 2012 election, urging America to “get this fascist whore out of our lives.”

Reporting on a claim in a new book by President Trump’s former attorney-turned-convicted felon Michael Cohen, CNN wrote, “Trump’s disdain for Obama was so extreme that he took his fixation a step further, according to Cohen: Trump hired a ‘Faux-Bama’ to participate in a video in which Trump ‘ritualistically belittled the first black president and then fired him.’” The book doesn’t name the man allegedly hired to play Obama or provide a specific date for the incident.

“Who fucking cares? Register to vote. And let’s get this fascist whore out of our lives,” Baldwin tweeted. “Let’s not spend the final weekend of Summer talking about this Faux-Bama tape,” he wrote about a recording meant to be used by Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign.

Apart from his hateful, profane attack on Trump, Baldwin for once has a good point. This is simply another phony, media-created faux scandal.

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