Baldwin: Lawsuits ‘Targeting Me Because I Have ‘Deep Pockets’

Baldwin: Lawsuits ‘Targeting Me Because I Have ‘Deep Pockets’

March 9, 2022

Speaking at the Boulder International Film Festival in Colorado on Saturday, actor/activist/anger management failure Alec Baldwin responded to the lawsuits seeking to hold him accountable for last year’s fatal shooting on the set of his indie western Rust, claiming falsely that he is being targeted only because he has “deep pockets.”

“What you have is a certain group of people, litigants and whatever, on whatever side, who their attitude is, ‘Well, the people who likely seem negligent have no money and the people who have money are not negligent,’ ” Baldwin said.

Baldwin appeared to be alluding to the movie’s head armorer, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, and assistant director Dave Halls, who are believed to be the last two individuals to handle the firearm before it was given to Baldwin.

“So we have people that are suing people that they think are deep-pockets litigants,” Baldwin added. “Why sue people if you’re not going to get money? That’s what you’re doing it for.”

What a disgusting accusation. Baldwin is not being sued because the family of his victim is greedy. He is being sued because he is trying to evade his direct responsibility for shooting cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, who was killed after the gun Baldwin was holding discharged on the film set last year.

Regardless of how many people failed to handle the gun properly prior to giving it to Baldwin, the ultimate responsibility for checking the gun for a live round is his. But Baldwin is a coward and blowhard exploiting his celebrity to let someone else take the fall.

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