Baldwin: If Trump Doesn’t Concede, Put ‘Knee on His Neck’

Baldwin: If Trump Doesn’t Concede, Put ‘Knee on His Neck’

December 23, 2020

In a tweet on Sunday promoting violence against the President, actor/Trump imitator/anger management failure Alec Baldwin suggested brutal punishment for President Trump “if he refuses to concede” the election.

“Who arrests Trump if he refuses to concede? Who drags him out?” Baldwin asked from his Hilaria and Alec Baldwin Foundation account, which has over 1 million followers. “Pepper spray? Cuffs?”

“A knee on his neck, cutting off his oxygen?” Baldwin continued, referring to the police-involved death of George Floyd earlier this year. “Does he wheeze ‘I can’t breathe.’

“Just whale away on him like a piñata? Rodney King style?” Baldwin fantasized. “The thug who has destroyed the country. What does he deserve?”

Destroyed the country? What planet does Baldwin live on? Oh yes — Planet Hollywood.

Predictably, his peaceful, tolerant, time-for-healing followers chimed in supporting Baldwin’s violent suggestions, at least one recommending that Trump be “put up against a wall and shot.” And yet Trump’s followers are the ones who are supposed to be the violent ones.

The leftist totalitarians at Twitter, who routinely fact-check or warn the President himself on his Twitter feed, have yet to reprimand Baldwin or remove his posts.

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