Baldwin Has ‘Dream’ of Noose at Trump’s ‘Trial for Sedition’

Baldwin Has ‘Dream’ of Noose at Trump’s ‘Trial for Sedition’

January 19, 2021

In another unhinged post on Twitter last Friday, actor/activist/anger management failure Alec Baldwin chose civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday to describe a “dream” he had which included a noose hanging outside of a courthouse during President Trump’s “sedition” trial.

Echoing King’s famous 1963 “I have a dream” speech, the Saturday Night Live Trump impersonator Baldwin tweeted from his Hilaria and Alec Baldwin Foundation account, which has over 1 million followers, “I had a dream Trump was on trial for sedition. And outside the courthouse, a noose was hung from a makeshift scaffold. The noose was made of recycled Covid masks.”

“That’s a beautiful dream,” replied one of Baldwin’s Twitter followers. Another added illiterately, “That’s all of our dream.”

Imagine if Trump had tweeted that he dreamed of a noose waiting for, say, his election opponent Joe Biden. For much less, Trump was banned permanently from Twitter. But Baldwin’s violent imagery involving the hanging of the President for “sedition” was allowed to stand.

“How has this insane man not been reported to the FBI and Secret Service??” attorney Manny Alicandro asked of Baldwin on Twitter. Baldwin hasn’t been reported because there are no consequences for Progressive hate speech and incitement to violence in the public square.

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