Baldwin Eviscerates Dem Candidates After Debate

Baldwin Eviscerates Dem Candidates After Debate

February 21, 2020

Actor/activist Alec Baldwin unleashed a Twitter thread after Wednesday night’s Democrat debate, tearing into the weak lineup of Democrat candidates vying to take on President Trump in November.

“Why is the bar so low regarding our hopes for the Presidency?” Baldwin asked. “One won’t release his NDA’s re sexual harassment,” he said, referring to billionaire Michael Bloomberg. “1 is a campaign finance cheater. 2. are compulsive liars about how they intend to pay for all of their promises,” he continued, referring to Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. “1 is struggling, after 8 yrs as VP to articulate his vision,” Baldwin continued, slamming Joe Biden.

“We have a very simple job to do. To spend $ on those things we have too long neglected. Infrastructure. Debt Health care. Affordable housing.” Baldwin tweeted before ending his rant with the hashtag “Make America Solvent Again.”

Baldwin didn’t explain how massive spending on all those Democrat programs will make America “solvent.”

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