Bad Sign For a Campaign: Kamala Laying Off Staffers

Bad Sign For a Campaign: Kamala Laying Off Staffers

October 30, 2019

In what is considered an ominous sign for a candidate’s campaign hopes, struggling White House contender Kamala Harris has laid off dozens of staffers at her Baltimore campaign headquarters.

Breitbart News reported Wednesday that Harris, who is polling in 5th place nationally among Democrat candidates, is also slashing or re-deploying staff at her offices in key primary states such as Iowa, New Hampshire, and California, as well as cutting salaries of top officials and payments to consultants.

In the third quarter, Harris raised only $11.8 million while blowing through $14.6 million. In addition, her campaign deferred around $900,000 in debts.

“If that’s the best you’ll squeeze out bringing all of the assets to bear, it’s looking very dire,” said Ami Copeland, deputy national finance director for Barack Obama in 2008. An unnamed donor blames Harris: “She’s from f**king California. The idea that you don’t have support of high-dollar donors doesn’t make any sense.”

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