Axelrod: Hunter Biden Story ‘Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory’

Axelrod: Hunter Biden Story ‘Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory’

October 29, 2020

Tuesday on CNN, former Obama senior advisor David Axelrod claimed ludicrously that the allegations of corruption against Democrat presidential pick Joe Biden and his son Hunter are an unverified “right-wing conspiracy theory” that voters don’t care about.

Anchor Jake Tapper, aiding and abetting this blatantly false left-wing narrative, said, “The conservative media, the MAGA media, they’re focusing so much on Joe Biden’s son Hunter. Ted Cruz told Jonathan Swan of Axios he doesn’t think that moves one voter. I mean, I’ve got to believe if the Hunter Biden story is important to you, you’re already voting for Trump.”

Axelrod said, “Yeah. You saw at the debate the president spent maybe five to six minutes trying to explain it, and is sounded like it is, a right-wing conspiracy theory that is unverified. There is a more transcendent reality for people right now. We are in the middle of a pandemic. We have economic problems, and I don’t think that this is what is going to grip them. It does not relate to their lives. This is not 2016, and President Trump has not made the adjustment.”

The “transcendent reality” Axelrod wants voters to ignore is that the Democrat choice for president is a lifetime politician with no accomplishments under his belt, but plenty of corrupt deals with our country’s enemies that compromise our national security.

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