Axelrod: GOP Considering Biden Impeachment Not Serious People

Axelrod: GOP Considering Biden Impeachment Not Serious People

July 25, 2023

Tuesday on CNN’s The Situation Room, CNN political analyst David Axelrod said House Republicans who want to impeach President Biden are not serious people.

Propagandist anchor Wolf Blitzer began, “The White House says it’s for Republicans to decide whether to go ahead and try to impeach President Biden. What do you make of that strategy to deflect away from this escalation by House Republicans?”

Axelrod said, “This is no big winner for the Republican Party, at least in districts which Republicans have competitive races. What it is, is a way for the speaker – who has his head in a vice with the Freedom Caucus on one end and Donald Trump on the other – to assuage them.”

He continued “I’m not here, honestly, as a spokesperson for a party or a president.”

Bwahahahaha. Yeah, sure.

“I’m here as a senior political commentator for CNN. And I just have to say, I take this very seriously, whether it’s a Republican president, Democratic president. If there’s wrongdoing, it should be pursued. It should be dealt with.”

Axelrod added, “But that’s not what this is. We’ve had the Republicans stumbling around like so many Inspector Clouseaus for a year and a half, looking for something, anything to impugn the president. They haven’t found it. And now it’s like, ‘We’ll impeach. Details to be determined.’ To quote the great Logan Roy, these are not serious people. But it is serious what they’re doing, and it is seriously damaging to our democracy.”

The exact opposite is true. The Democrats devoted years of investigations trying to pin something on Trump and came up empty-handed. Biden is as corrupt and criminal as any politician ever, and the Democrats know it. So much for Axelrod’s self-proclaimed lack of bias.

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