Avenatti Slams Biden For Using His Campaign Slogan

Avenatti Slams Biden For Using His Campaign Slogan

June 13, 2019

Disgraced lawyer and short-lived presidential wannabe Michael Avenatti threw a social media barb Tuesday at White House hopeful Joe Biden for using his campaign slogan, “Make America America Again.”

After learning that Biden was using the slogan he had flirted with for his own presidential run, Avenatti tweeted, “I wish I would have thought of this. Oh Wait.”

In Mount Pleasant, Iowa on Tuesday, Biden defended himself against accusations of plagiarism by pointing out that the phrase “Let America be America again” had been used numerous times in the past, most notably by poet Langston Hughes. “I’d settle for just let America be America again, you know what I mean? I mean this guy [Trump], he just doesn’t quite get it,” he said, referring to the president’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

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