Austin: ‘Ukraine’s Going to Decide What Victory’ Will Look Like

Austin: ‘Ukraine’s Going to Decide What Victory’ Will Look Like

February 24, 2023

Wednesday on NPR’s All Things Considered, woke Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin responded to questions on what would constitute a victory in the Ukraine-Russia war by stating that “Ukraine’s going to decide what victory’s going to look like.”

Asked how this war ends, Austin responded, “I think, again, we’re going to focus on what’s in front of us right now and put them in the best possible position to continue to be successful. And I think that will lead us to Ukraine being in a — again, a good place, whether or not the fighting continues or whether or not they decide to go to the negotiating table.”

Asked if Ukraine can achieve the goal of kicking all the Russians out of the country, Austin answered, “I don’t want to speculate at this point. I think my goal is to provide them the capabilities required to achieve their objectives. And that’s what [I] and the Chairman are going to continue to stay focused on.”

Asked specifically what the U.S. goal is, Austin responded, “Well, they can be driven out, or Putin can decide to take his forces back out of Ukraine because he’s in such a bad position, and that could happen as well. He could end this today, Ari. And we all know that this is — this war is happening because of one man, one man’s desire to erase his neighbor’s boundaries and occupy his neighbor’s territory, and this is, again, unjustified, unprovoked, and Putin could end this at any point in time in the future.”

Reporter Ari Shapiro concluded by asking, “If Russia were to retreat to where it was before the full-scale invasion a year ago — meaning it hangs onto Crimea, it remains in parts of eastern Ukraine — would the U.S. consider that a Ukrainian victory and urge Ukraine to end the war at that?”

Austin responded, “Ukraine’s going to decide what victory’s going to look like, Ari, and so I don’t want to speak for President Zelensky or the Ukrainian people. I think that’s for them to decide.”

We’re the ones funding Ukraine. We’d better decide for ourselves what victory for America looks like.

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