AOC: Young People Not Having Kids Due to Burden of Capitalism

AOC: Young People Not Having Kids Due to Burden of Capitalism

September 23, 2022

In an Instagram post this week, socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) said that America needs more immigration because young people are simply not having enough kids due to the “burdens of capitalism.”

“There are quite a few countries that are really struggling because young people, under the burdens of capitalism and living in a society that is increasingly concentrating wealth among the rich, we’re not having kids. Or we’re not having kids at the same rate,” AOC wrote.

“And we actually need immigrant populations to help balance things out. We can’t continue to fund social security, Medicare, all of this stuff without immigrants. And it’s always been that way. Don’t act like this is some new trend or anything like that,” she added.

“What a lot of Republican politicians fail to understand is that not everyone shares their zero-sum, scarcity mindset. Many of us understand that immigrants and refugees are a blessing. They have so much to offer our country, & much of our growth as a nation is because of them,” she said after Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis shipped 50 migrants up to Martha’s Vineyard.

“Shout out to Massachusetts and the people of Martha’s Vineyard for showing the world what the best of America looks like,” she added.

The best of America? Um, the wealthy elites in Martha’s Vineyard and their fellow Democrats lost their ever-lovin’ minds over the arrival of a mere 50 migrants, and had them shipped back out faster than you can say “Not in my backyard.”

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