AOC: Trump ‘Deliberately’ Using Race to ‘Rile Up’ His Base

AOC: Trump ‘Deliberately’ Using Race to ‘Rile Up’ His Base

October 22, 2019

Self-proclaimed socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) expressed horror Tuesday that President Trump would refer to the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry as a “lynching,” claiming on TMZ that he “deliberately” chose that racially-charged word to “rile up” his base.

“Well, first of all, to not understand the history of our country, to not understand not only the scourge of not only slavery but the fact that lynching happened well beyond slavery,” Ocasio-Cortez began. “It’s horrifying that he would do this, but also we have to understand he is using our pain to his advantage as well. He chose that word deliberately.”

“He deliberately chooses the most racially animating, divisive terms so he can rile up that base,” AOC continued without evidence. “Because that is what he knows he can build power on. And the real question is if this is how he builds power, what does that mean for the future of our country and for our safety?”

The irony is that it is AOC and her Democrat cohorts, not Trump, who use race to divide Americans.


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