AOC Slammed for Divisive Comments About Masculinity

AOC Slammed for Divisive Comments About Masculinity

May 27, 2022

Friday on Fox & Friends First, former Rochester, New York police chief La’ron Singletary slammed radical Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) for her “characterizations and accusations” while law enforcement continues the investigation of the recent Uvalde, Texas school shooter.

In the wake of AOC ranting on video about America’s so-called “patriarchal society” and masculinity “rooted in the subjugation of other people” on the day after the attack, Singletary said, “I watched that video over and over again, and I don’t even think AOC knew what she was trying to say. I’ve worked 20 years in law enforcement and the investigation is not complete. And here she is making characterizations and accusations and tying them to a class in our society. It’s the rhetoric from politicians like AOC that continue to divide this country. In fact, what she’s saying is quite sexist and discriminatory. And politicians have a platform, and they have to use that platform, and they have to be careful how they use it.

“Last I checked,” Singletary continued, “the motive of this shooting is still under investigation, meaning that we don’t know why this murderer decided to go into a school and wreak havoc and kill kids. Let’s call it what it is and deal with whatever it is when the investigation is complete. Instead of sitting down and having conversations to try to come up with viable solutions, what does she do? She takes to social media, improvises rhetoric that neither brings people together nor provides viable solutions.”

Of course she did, because that’s what leftists do — bypass the truth with unhelpful rhetoric that advances their agenda.

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