AOC: Republicans Are ‘the Ones Who Are Silencing and Expelling’

AOC: Republicans Are ‘the Ones Who Are Silencing and Expelling’

April 6, 2023

Tuesday on NBC’s Late Night, radical Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) said Republicans are “silencing and expelling” fellow Americans.

Host Seth Meyers said, “As a way to, I guess, seem like you’re doing something, while also not governing is to complain about wokeism and how it affects everything from bank collapses to how the military is being run. Are you in actual meetings and committee hearings where that is the sort of topic du jour?”

AOC replied, “Oh yeah, the House Republicans held an entire hearing on wokism in the federal government and federal employment policies. I was on the floor at a debate around some of their work in trying to ban books, and they call it parental rights. They are trying to package this and use misdirection to say we want parents to be more involved and have more of a say in the school. Well, if you want that maybe let’s create a society where parents are not working two jobs so that they can be more involved with their kids in school. Instead of trying to tell people that trans kids should not have a safe place to get an education or tell those parents what to do. I mean I think it speaks to the fact that despite no matter what happens with Donald Trump, Trumpism is still alive.”

She added, “We’ve seen it recently, there was just a vote in Tennessee to expel 3 Democratic representatives because they had the audacity to stand up and protest for gun safety legislation because the state of Tennessee was not acting enough. So instead of having vigorous debate the folks who accuse people of silencing are the ones who are silencing and expelling.”

Besides being incoherent, AOC is lying. Cancel culture is a leftist phenomenon, vigorous debate is most certainly not.

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