AOC: Misogynistic ‘Rape Culture’ Informed TX Anti-Abortion Law

AOC: Misogynistic ‘Rape Culture’ Informed TX Anti-Abortion Law

September 8, 2021

Tuesday on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) declared that Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R-TX) comments that Texas aspires to “eliminate all rapists” when asked about the new abortion law not having a rape or incest exception were “disgusting” and that

After accusing the governor and the Texas state legislature of perpetuating a “rape culture and misogynistic culture that informed this abortion law,” and commit[ting] sexual assault” and “help[ing] their friends cover up these crimes,” AOC claimed falsely and hysterically, “We know that anti-choice bills are not about being pro-life because if they were about being pro-life, then the Republican Party would support frankly an agenda that helps guaranteed health care, that helps ensure that people that do give birth that don’t have the resources can have those care for a child.”

She continued to rant with no pushback from propagandist Anderson Cooper, of course. “What this is about is controlling women’s bodies and controlling people who are not cisgender men. Someone like me, who is a woman or any menstruating person in this country, cannot make decisions over their own body.”

Menstruating person.

The unhinged radical Ocasio-Cortez went on to claim falsely that pro-life politicians “want to have more control over a woman’s body than that woman or that person has over themselves.”

One has to assume that the explosive defensiveness and hyperbolic fear-mongering Democrats like AOC resort to in questions of abortion suggests that, deep down, these pro-abortionists know they are guilty of a terrible evil.

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