AOC in Talks with Biden’s Campaign to Move Further Left

AOC in Talks with Biden’s Campaign to Move Further Left

April 17, 2020

Members of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (AOC) team are reportedly speaking with Joe Biden’s campaign, hoping to steer the establishment Democrat in a more progressive direction, reports Breitbart News.

“There are very real, tangible areas where Democrats even fell short perhaps during the Obama administration that I think I would like for us to have a plan to improve,” AOC said, specifically “federal treatment of Puerto Rico, immigration, health care and climate change.” She noted that her team is in talks with Biden’s people “to figure out what some of these policy conversations will [be] looking like.”

“You know, I would love to see the vice president clarify and deepen his policy stances on certain issues. But aside from that, you know, I think it’s incredibly important that we support the Democratic nominee in November,” AOC said, adding that it would be “encouraging if Biden also picked someone who was a little bit more progressive” as a running mate.

The economics-challenged radical AOC was initially a supporter of “Democratic SocialistBernie Sanders.

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