AOC: ‘I’m Happy to Let You Know I’m a Planned Parenthood Baby’

AOC: ‘I’m Happy to Let You Know I’m a Planned Parenthood Baby’

May 7, 2021

During a subcommittee hearing on Thursday, socialist radical Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) declared she was a “Planned Parenthood baby” because her mother received prenatal care from the organization when she was pregnant.

“First and foremost, I don’t want to hear a single person on this committee or outside of this committee talk about valuing life when they continue to uphold the death penalty, when they continue to support policies that disproportionately incarcerate and lead to the deaths of black men and people throughout this country, and uphold an absolutely unjust medical system that exists for profit that allows people to die because they can’t afford to live,” AOC ranted irrationally.

Let’s break this down in language even AOC could almost understand: First, there is nothing inconsistent about condemning the murder of the innocent unborn and supporting the death penalty for adults who choose to commit the most heinous of crimes.

Second, black men are disproportionately incarcerated and put to death because they commit a vastly disproportionate amount of crime, not because “policies” unfairly target them.

Third, our medical system refuses health care to no one. No one is “allowed to die” because he or she is uninsured. AOC is either every inch the idiot she is often accused of being, or is a grotesque liar.

“If we want to talk about Planned Parenthood, let’s talk about how many lives Planned Parenthood has saved and how many babies have been born because of the prenatal care provided by Planned Parenthood,” she continued. “If you don’t believe it and if you’ve never met a Planned Parenthood baby, I’m happy to let you know that I am one,” she crowed, telling viewers that her “mother received and relied on prenatal care from Planned Parenthood when she was pregnant with me.”

Lucky you, Alexandria. You weren’t one of the nearly 9 million babies Planned Parenthood is directly responsible for aborting in the last 50 years.

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