AOC: GOP Wants to Overturn Any Election They Don’t Like

AOC: GOP Wants to Overturn Any Election They Don’t Like

August 2, 2021

In a statement of jaw-dropping hypocrisy and projection, radical Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) claimed Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union that Republican legislators are passing election laws with the intent of overturning the results of any state election that they “do not like.”

Asked if the Democrats can out-organize Republicans even though Republicans are passing election integrity legislation making voter fraud more difficult, AOC replied, “It already took unprecedented historic organizing to overcome the voter suppression efforts in 2020, and we barely squeaked through on the majority and White House election we have. Beyond that, even if we are successful in, quote, unquote ‘out organizing voter suppression,’ which is a ridiculous premise on its face, Republicans are already laying the groundwork in installing state-level attorney generals and beyond to overturn the results of any state election that they frankly do not like in states where they have taken power.”

This, from a member of the party that blatantly cheated its way to power in 2020 when it was becoming clear that Donald Trump was headed for victory.

“And so, even if you are successful in out-organizing, they’re laying the groundwork to not even certify the results of the election. They are holding essentially dress rehearsals in states like Arizona in order to do that.”

By “dress rehearsals,” what she means is election audits that the left wants to suppress, because Democrats are the party of protecting the fraudulent results of any election they stole.

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