AOC: GOP Using ‘White Supremacist Core Logic’ to Reanimate Fear

AOC: GOP Using ‘White Supremacist Core Logic’ to Reanimate Fear

July 20, 2021

Monday on CNN’s Don Lemon Tonight, socialism enthusiast Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) claimed ludicrously that protests against the racist, neo-Marxist ideology known as Critical Race Theory (CRT) are just the Republican Party “using a white supremacist core logic” to “reanimate a fear of the other.”

“What we have seen is that the Republican base and party has pivoted to using race and using the changing demographics of this country and as we saw on January 6, using a white supremacist core logic in order to reanimate a very core fear of the other in this country,” AOC rambled.

Fact check: it is the Democrat Party that has reanimated racial animosity in this country through their weaponization of CRT in schools, in corporate diversity training, in the news media, in the entertainment arena, and even at the highest levels of the U.S. military. “The other” in this country is, in fact, now white people, whom CRT openly demonizes.

She added, “Critical Race Theory is not taught in elementary school, it’s barely taught in law schools frankly in the level it should be taught…. We know Republicans have started to now use these laws curtailing Critical Race Theory curriculum that isn’t being taught in the first place as a proxy to saying we can’t teach anything about race in our schools beyond just some of the most minimal, minimal, minimal facts.”

Every word a lie. The “core logic,” to use AOC’s term, of CRT is being taught in schools all across the country from pre-K through college. And Republicans are not against teaching anything about race; they are against the teaching of racism itself, and that is what CRT is.

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