AOC: : Chauvin Verdict ‘Not a Substitute for Policy Change’

AOC: : Chauvin Verdict ‘Not a Substitute for Policy Change’

April 22, 2021

Tuesday on Twitter, radical Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) commented on the guilty verdict against former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd, arguing that his conviction is “not a substitute for policy change” in the United States.

“That a family had to lose a son, brother and father; that a teenage girl had to film and post a murder, that millions across the country had to organize and march just for George Floyd to be seen and valued is not justice,” she tweeted. “And this verdict is not a substitute for policy change.”

“It’s not justice because justice is George Floyd going home tonight to be with his family,” she added. “Justice is Adam Toledo getting tucked in by his mom tonight. Justice is when you’re pulled over, there not being a gun that’s part of that interaction because you have a headlight out. Justice is your school system not having or being part of a school-to-prison pipeline. Justice is a municipality and a government that does not — because it trickles down right? — that does not value military and armaments more than it does healthcare, and education, and housing.

“So, no, this verdict is not justice. Frankly, I don’t even think we call it full accountability, because there are multiple officers that were there. It wasn’t just Derek Chauvin,” she added. “This is about changing how we structure our society and the valuing of black life.”

First, Democrats don’t care about truth or actual justice; they care about black lives only insofar as they can be politically weaponized on behalf of the destruction of capitalist society. Second, she’s right that the conviction wasn’t just. Chauvin was by no definition of the word guilty of “murder”; he was convicted contrary to trial evidence because of Democrat jury intimidation and threats of violence. Third, if AOC wants fewer police-involved killings, she can begin by urging her constituents not to commit crimes in the first place or to resist arrest (both of which Floyd was guilty of). That will reduce such killings to virtually zero — but it won’t serve her agenda to deconstruct the America she hates so much.

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