AOC Blames Trump’s Racism, Xenophobia For Afghan Chaos

AOC Blames Trump’s Racism, Xenophobia For Afghan Chaos

August 28, 2021

Thursday on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) claimed idiotically that former President Donald Trump’s “extremely xenophobic and racist immigration policies” were to blame for the current Afghanistan exit chaos.

Asked by racist propagandist anchor Joy Reid if xenophobia played a role in the reluctance of some in the United States to accept a flood of refugees fleeing the Biden sh*tshow that is Afghanistan, AOC replied, “It is no secret that the Trump administration carried out extremely xenophobic and racist immigration policies.”

Absolutely false, but a pillar of Democrat talking points.

“When we look at the turmoil of what is happening now, one of the questions we have to ask as well — Afghanistan is a responsibility and that falls upon the shoulders of virtually every president since George W. Bush,” AOC continued. “One of the things we see, what was the Trump administration doing when they were not pre-evacuating out under the SIV program, these Afghan interpreters and nationals and allies? It is because of [Trump advisor] Stephen Miller and his rhetoric and the xenophobia of the Trump administration that there were many thousands of Afghans we could have worked on evacuating much earlier than even this year.”

Again, absolutely false. It is the Biden administration, not the Trump administration, that has abandoned our allies among the Afghans, in addition to our own citizens there. The Biden administration had seven months to evacuate them from Afghanistan, and failed horribly.

The Democrats own this disaster, and AOC and Joy Reid know it. That’s why they have to create this smear of a narrative blaming Trump and “racism.”

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