AOC Accuses People of Creating Drama Over the Term ‘Latinx’

AOC Accuses People of Creating Drama Over the Term ‘Latinx’

June 7, 2022

In a video posted to Instagram, radical Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) accused people of creating “drama” over the term “Latinx,” a label Hispanics almost universally reject.

“I want to have a note on gender inclusivity in Spanish language,” AOC stated. “People sometimes like to make a lot of drama over the term Latinx… Gender is fluid, language is fluid,” she added.

Fact check: gender is not fluid, and the neo-Marxist Left claims language is fluid so they can redefine words to suit their agenda.

“Don’t have to make drama,” she added.

The ones “making drama” are Leftists like AOC, because Latinos themselves have slammed this condescending, imposed attempt to be inclusive, with one 2021 poll finding only 2% of Hispanic voters use the term “Latinx.” The term “Hispanic” led the way among those voters, with 68% saying they prefer it. Latino/Latina came in at 21%, while “something else” garnered 8% support.

The poll also found that 40% of respondents said the term “Latinx” bothers them and 30% indicated they would be less likely to support a politician who used the term.

“That’s the irony of ‘Latinx’ — it’s supposed to be inclusive but erases a crucial part of Latin American identity and language, and replaces it with an English word,’’ read a Miami Herald editorial reacting to the poll at the time.

Good job courting that Hispanic vote, AOC.

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