Antifa Outraged Over Tommy Robinson Speaking Tour

Antifa Outraged Over Tommy Robinson Speaking Tour

October 30, 2018

An ‘anti-fascist’ group which has received funding from billionaire open borders campaigner George Soros has complained that English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson may earn up to £1 million from a U.S. speaking tour.

Robinson has previously been denied entry to the United States due to his criminal record, but the group HOPE Not Hate fears the Trump administration will waive this ban.

“This is an administration infected with anti-Muslim prejudice and is therefore likely to look more favourably on [Robinson’s] request to overturn his ban,” complained HOPE Not Hate CEO Nick Lowles on the Antifa group’s website. “We all need to do what we can to prevent that from happening,” Lowles added, urging supporters to sign a petition to Trump’s ambassador to make sure he remains barred.


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