Antifa Militants Attack Catholics Commemorating Martyrs in Paris

Antifa Militants Attack Catholics Commemorating Martyrs in Paris

June 1, 2021

Saturday in Paris, the violent radicals of Antifa physically attacked a group of around three hundred believers commemorating the martyrdom of Catholics, including ten clergymen, shot and killed by revolutionary socialists during the Paris commune in 1871.

The procession, which marched from the site of the execution of Georges Darboy, Archbishop of Paris, to the Notre-Dame des Otages church where many other killings took place, was confronted by a group of far-left extremists waving red flags and chanting slogans like “Everyone hates the people of Versailles! Death to the fascists!”

“We would have thought we were back 150 years ago. It’s surreal,” Monsignor Jachiet said about a group of around twenty masked and hooded youths who approached the procession.

“They clearly wanted to fight it out. They were Antifa,” Jachiet added. “They snatched the banners from our hands, knocked down the French remembrance flag, which they trampled on, punched the parishioners. They threw garbage cans, bottles, even wire fences at us.”

Due to a lack of security and police presence, the Catholics were forced to take refuge in a local church where they reportedly prayed until police arrived. Two Catholics in their 60s were injured, one seriously.

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