Antifa in Denver: ‘No Borders! No Walls! No U.S.A. at All!’

Antifa in Denver: ‘No Borders! No Walls! No U.S.A. at All!’

November 5, 2020

During a demonstration in Denver, Colorado, on Wednesday evening, Antifa demonstrators showed their anarchist stripes by shouting chants of, “No borders! No walls! No U.S.A. at all!”

As reported by Breitbart News, one sign held by marchers read, “DEATH to FASCISM AND the LIBERALISM THAT ENABLES IT.” Another bore the message, “DEATH TO FASCISM” with Antifa A-letter symbols.

A song with the lyrics “fuck the police” is audible in another video showing masked protesters vandalizing a building with spray paint. A left-wing Twitter account shared images of leftists in Denver burning a President Trump campaign flag and a thin blue line-themed U.S. flag.

Protesters burning flags did a question-and-answer chant, with one leftist asking, “Whose land?” and others replying, “Indigenous land!”

This is the decentralized movement which empty-suit presidential candidate Joe Biden claimed, in a September debate with President Trump, did not officially exist: “Antifa is an idea, not an organization,” Biden stated in the group’s defense.

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