Antifa Burns U.S. Flag, Shouts ‘Death to Your F**king Empire’

Antifa Burns U.S. Flag, Shouts ‘Death to Your F**king Empire’

November 3, 2020

Domestic terrorists from Antifa took to the streets of suburban Vancouver, Washington, on Halloween night, burning American flags as part of their “anti-capitalism” protests — during which a protester yelled, “Death to your f**king empire!” according to Breitbart News.

“Everyone of you has blood on your hands,” another rioter said. “Death to your f**king empire! You sick f**ks!”

“F**k you for all the Native Americans that you f**king killed! You…mother-f**kers!” shouted another. “All the Black people, all the Iraqis. All the Afghan[s]. All the Vietnamese!”

In another incident, Black Lives Matter rioters stole a flag from the Washington State Patrol building in Vancouver, Washington, shouting, “What did you see? Didn’t see shit!”

In another video, they shouted, “Burn the flag! Burn the flag! Burn the flag!” They then joked about needing “marshmallows” and “warming [their] f**ing hands up… on the campfire.” As they burned the American flag, they chanted, “All cops are bastards, all cops are bastards.” They then called to “burn the precinct to the ground.”

“All America is wacked. We’re going to take these streets back!” protesters yelled. Good luck with that. American patriots have had enough of your anti-American, Marxist revolution, and payback is coming.

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