Antifa Attacks Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protesters in L.A.

Antifa Attacks Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protesters in L.A.

August 16, 2021

At a gathering in Los Angeles on Saturday to protest mandatory COVID vaccines and vaccine passports, the domestic terrorists of Antifa instigated a brawl with the protesters, resulting in at least one person being stabbed during the melee, although it remains unclear which side that person was on.

A video tweeted by Los Angeles videographer Sean Carmitchel shows Antifa thugs dressed in black violently attacking protesters. Multiple fights broke out, lasting several minutes. Carmitchel reported that multiple weapons were used in the fights, and that people assaulted members of the press while attempting to steal cameras.

The protesters had gathered to protest “medical tyranny, mandatory vaccinations, and vaccine passports” related to the coronavirus.

Police eventually re-established order and separated the groups on opposite sides of the street. No arrests were made.

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