Antifa Arrested for Plotting Attack on French Police

Antifa Arrested for Plotting Attack on French Police

May 4, 2020

French police arrested two Antifa extremists over the weekend who were armed and plotting an attack on police officers. The two leftists, who reportedly have prior criminal records and are around the age of 50, were arrested simultaneously northeast of Lyon.

An elite French police tactical unit undertook the operations that led to the arrests after investigators learned the pair had acquired firearms to carry out an attack. The alleged plot against the police comes after members of the “ACAB Collective” made death threats against police officers in December. “ACAB” — or “All Coppers Are Bastards” — is a familiar slogan among the far-left Antifa internationally.

Last November, a female Antifa extremist using the name “Marie ACAB-Land” was arrested in Paris at the 1st anniversary of the Yellow Vest movement after it was claimed she had been spying on police officers.

Another attack was foiled last year when five Antifa members were arrested in August for plotting an attack on a Biarritz hotel during the G7 conference, allegedly intending to burn the hotel down with officers inside.

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