Angel Mom Says Pelosi ‘Oughta Be Arrested’

Angel Mom Says Pelosi ‘Oughta Be Arrested’

February 14, 2019

Agnes Gibboney, a legal immigrant and angel mom, said that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should be arrested for not living up to her oath to protect American citizens.

Gibboney was one of many angel families, who have had family members murdered by illegal alients, turned away by Pelosi’s office Wednesday despite having requested meetings ahead of their visit.

“My parents legally immigrated here,” said Gibboney. “My parents wanted a good, safe place for my family and … my only son, my first born was murdered. Where is the protection?…Where is the sanctuary for my son? I took an oath when I became a citizen. Nancy Pelosi took an oath when she took office. She’s breaking her oath. She oughta be arrested.”

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