Angel Families: Mayorkas, Biden Criminally Aiding Illegal Aliens

Angel Families: Mayorkas, Biden Criminally Aiding Illegal Aliens

January 27, 2022

Angel Families, whose loved ones have been killed by illegal aliens, have released a statement slamming Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and decrepit President Joe Biden — declaring them criminal accomplices to illegal immigration.

In a speech last week, the open-borders enthusiast Mayorkas stated that Biden’s national immigration agenda centered around “justice and equity” for illegal aliens with the administration’s so-called “sanctuary country” orders shielding most illegal aliens from arrest and deportation.

Angel Families with Advocates for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime (AVIAC) blasted Mayorkas and Biden in response. “No one is or should be above the law,” the statement read:

When it comes to the 15-30 million individuals who entered the country illegally, refused to leave when their visa expired or were denied asylum, and disappeared into the country, they are considered by the president, every Democratic legislator (and some Republicans) most of the media and many state and local governors and state legislators and particularly DHS Secretary Mayorkas to be above the law…

But since the start of the Biden administration, even those who have committed additional crimes are protected. DHS Secretary Mayorkas made it very clear that being here illegally is not a crime…

The truth is that this administration and Mayorkas, in particular, decided to open the borders and possibly even worse to protect those who have already committed crimes. As of this writing, DHS has refused to release the statistics on internal enforcement deportations. Spoiler Alert: They will be atrocious.

The Angel Families add that they have “called for [Mayorkas’s] resignation, firing, and impeachment” as they consider the DHS chief and Biden “criminals as well.”

“Those who protect [Mayorkas], and his policies shouldn’t be held above the law either,” they rightly conclude.

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