Andy Ngo: Goal of Antifa/BLM Is to Abolish Nation States

Andy Ngo: Goal of Antifa/BLM Is to Abolish Nation States

February 12, 2021

Thursday on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily, Andy Ngo, journalist and author of Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy, revealed that the shared goal of leftist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter is to abolish nation states.

Ngo stated that “violent extremism” and “domestic terrorism” from these revolutionary movements is “being legitimized in the name of social justice” by celebrities, government officials, news media figures, and politicians.

“It’s hard for me to describe how ill that makes me feel,” he remarked. “I think the future for this country — for the United States — is particularly bleak, because when you delegitimize all the norms that have made our society prosperous such as non-violence, resolving differences through discussion or through the legal or democratic process, the rule of law when you break all that down as Antifa and BLM and their allies do, what else is there to the United States?

“You’re attacking all that is the American philosophy, as well,” Ngo added. “This speaks to the broader agenda of Antifa… So when people ask me, ‘What do Antifa really want? What’s the point of them doing this type of wanton violence?’ Well, the goal is, ultimately, to abolish nation states, but they view the United States in particular as the principal enemy.”

Ngo continued: “They view the U.S. as an imperialistic fascist state because of its rule of law, property rights, all of that they view as intrinsically linked with white supremacy and fascism.”

“The opposition to the ‘Trump fascist regime’ was always pretextual, and their enemy is the United States, the republic itself,” Ngo explained. “Trump was just a convenient thing to latch onto, because the fellow useful idiots in the chattering classes were blaming Trump and saying that we’re on the cusp of another Holocaust.”

Ngo concluded about Antifa, “They want to create failed states, because in that power vacuum, they say they want to create a world that[‘s] essentially without rules, but they are the most brutal enforcers of rules, [where] you can be killed based on having the wrong views.”

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