Anti-American Popovich Signs Richest Contract in NBA History

Anti-American Popovich Signs Richest Contract in NBA History

July 10, 2023

America-hating, politically unhinged San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich has just signed the most lucrative contract for a head coach in NBA history.

Popovich, 74, has reportedly signed a deal worth more than $80 million, which eclipses the $78.5 million contract Monty Williams signed with the Detroit Pistons in June.

While “Pop,” as he is commonly known in NBA circles, has won five NBA titles in his 27 seasons leading the Spurs, he has made more than his fair share of headlines for criticizing the county that has lavished such wealth and fame on him.

In April, Popovich chose to distract from San Antonio’s worst season in nearly 30 years by devoting ten minutes of his pre-game press conference to calling the 2nd Amendment a “myth,” among other things.

In 2021, Popovich compared Christopher Columbus to Hitler and called him a “murderer” and mutilator.

In July 2022, while giving a speech at a social justice summit in New York, Popovich denounced America as a country full of racists that he did not realize existed.

In August 2020, Popovich called then-President Trump a “racist” while praising the City of Austin for slashing a third of their police force.

A year before that, Popovich called former 49er QB Colin Kaepernick’s anthem protests a “very patriotic thing.”

Maybe Pop will take that $80 million he earned in this country and move to someplace he doesn’t hate.

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