Alec Baldwin: Trump ‘Must Be Eradicated’

Alec Baldwin: Trump ‘Must Be Eradicated’

October 11, 2019

Actor and anti-Trump obsessive Alec Baldwin stated on Twitter Wednesday that President Trump “is a disease killing this country” and explained to Trump’s supporters that he “must be eradicated.”

“If u voted for Trump, put ur faith in him bc u thought he was a decisive, plain-speaking, self-made business ‘leader’, now u, perhaps, realize none of that is true,” Baldwin tweeted. “He is a disease that is killing this county and must be eradicated. Get rid of him. And good things will follow.”

This is typical of Baldwin’s anti-Trump pronouncements. A few weeks ago he tweeted, “Trump’s been in office for a while now. Incompetent is one thing. Nuts is another. Both in combination are devastating.”

Baldwin, who has made headlines in recent years more for his unhinged anger issues than his acting, has had a moderate career revival by childishly imitating Trump on Saturday Night Live, the purported comedy show which actually serves as a leftist propaganda outlet.


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