Al-Qaeda Urges Muslims in West to Give Out Poisoned Masks

Al-Qaeda Urges Muslims in West to Give Out Poisoned Masks

December 4, 2020

In the first issue of a new magazine called Wolves of Manhattan, the Islamic terror group Al Qaeda urges “jihadis who live among the unbelievers” to carry out various kinds of attacks, including exploiting the coronavirus pandemic by handing out poisoned masks to passersby.

“Remember to support your religion, retaliate for your brothers in the beloved Palestine, and fulfill the promise of your imam Osama [bin Laden] that the Crusaders will never dream of security unless we have it in reality in Palestine,” the article reads.

Titled “Ways And Means Of Exploiting the Corona Pandemic Against The Powers Of Global Unbelief,” it reminds mujahideen lone wolves that masks will help them avert surveillance cameras, which in the past were a significant impediment to lone wolf attacks and led to the arrest of many mujahideen.

In addition to suggesting killing infidels with knives, stones, firearms, explosions, and setting fires, the article also suggests the jihadists use poisoned masks to kill the “Crusaders.” It calls on “the wolves of Islam” to hand out poisoned masks in streets or ‘stations” and reminds them not to wear any clothing that could arouse suspicion or to insist that passersby take the masks.

The article stated that “your target is every Crusader, since every Crusader is a criminal. The greatest crime which he committed is his unbelief in Allah.” That’s odd, because the news media elites insist that Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with religion.

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