Al Green’s Impeachment Effort Fails Spectacularly

Al Green’s Impeachment Effort Fails Spectacularly

July 18, 2019

Rep. Al Green, who has introduced a resolution calling for President Trump’s impeachment numerous times, suffered a humiliating defeat Wednesday when the House voted 332-95 to postpone the resolution in which Green called Trump “unfit to be president, unfit to represent the American values of decency and morality, respectability and civility, honesty and propriety, reputability and integrity.”

In a decisive defeat to the 95 Democrats who voted for the resolution to proceed, all Republicans, 137 Democrats and one Independent voted to table the resolution. It was also a victory for Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has argued that any attempt to impeach the President would not only fail but strengthen Trump.

During his rally that evening in Greenville, North Carolina, Trump declared the failed impeachment “a disgrace,” but “now we have that behind us.”


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