Aide to NYC Mayor Adams Fired After Saying ‘Optics’ of Migrant Buses ‘Bad for Biden’

Aide to NYC Mayor Adams Fired After Saying ‘Optics’ of Migrant Buses ‘Bad for Biden’

October 21, 2022

Breitbart News reports that an aide for radical New York City Mayor Eric Adams has been fired after he was caught in multiple recordings telling undercover watchdog Project Veritas that the “optics” of thousands of border crossers and illegal aliens arriving on buses from Texas are “bad” for President Biden and the mayor himself.

“I think the optics of this are bad for Biden and they’re bad for the mayor. And I think Biden saying, ‘All right, I’m just going to give away money to New York City because they can’t take care of these migrants,’ is going to just be bad politics for him,” said City hall staffer Christopher Baugh:

Frankly, I don’t know how much Biden is going to appreciate having a mayor be like, ‘Hey, you owe blue cities money because of this migrant crisis.’ Like, eventually that’s going to make Biden look bad which, we’re a month out from the midterms.

It’s a very perilous situation for [Adams] and I don’t know that Eric Adams is capable enough to navigate it … and ultimately it’s like us struggling to comply with our own laws, like our Right to Shelter laws.

Baugh also revealed that Adams had contemplated putting a cap on the number of border crossers and illegal aliens that New York City would take off Texas’s hands but the plan was axed as progressive city hall staff threatened to quit.

“There was talk about us just limiting the number of migrants we would accept and I’m glad we didn’t do it that way … if the mayor did that, everyone would resign,” Baugh said. “They would be like ‘All right, I’m out. Like, fuck this guy.’”

“I have colleagues in government who were going to resign if the mayor put a cap on immigrants … if he was like, ‘After 20,000 we’re not taking care of them,’ they were going to resign over it,” he continued.

Asked “How many” border crossers and illegal aliens New York City will accept under the Adams administration, Baugh said, “All of them. Like, we don’t like it but we’ll take as many as they keep sending.”

Talk about “bad optics” — apparently Adams’ office didn’t appreciate having a staff member spill all these sensitive political details to an undercover watchdog group, because on Thursday, Baugh was fired.

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