Adams Struggles to Explain Why New Yorkers Are Fleeing to FL

Adams Struggles to Explain Why New Yorkers Are Fleeing to FL

February 24, 2023

Wednesday on WABC’s Sid & Friends in the Morning, Mayor Eric Adams (D) fumbled his explanation why so many New Yorkers are abandoning the Big Apple for Florida by claiming there are “obligations” that come with having people arriving “from distant shores” to the city.

Asked why New Yorkers are moving to Florida if its Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is such a disaster as Adams claims, Adams responded, “Well, I think that you look at some very important areas. It’s extremely appealing and attractive when you look at our laws, our tax laws here and the tax laws in Florida. New York and California, we pay some of the highest income tax rates. That’s real, that’s a very real issue. But it’s difficult when you have a city of this number, 8.5 million people. New York City has always had the Statue of Liberty in its harbor. You and I and others, our family came from distant shores to come here, and there [are] a lot of obligations that [come] with that. But at the same time, this has been a place of prosperity and wealth.”

For whom? People leave New York and California precisely because their laws hinder prosperity and wealth.

Adams continued, “He railed about crime. When people don’t realize, that, when you look at the stats, Florida actually has a higher murder rate than New York City. Last year, we had a double-digit decrease in murders, and we are down 12.5% this year. But when you look at Florida, per 100,000 residents, they have 7.3 murders per 100,000 residents in ’21, and ours was 5.5 per 100,000. So, when you rail about something about New York, crime is an issue, the numbers just don’t add up in comparison to Florida.”

Oh, please. People are fleeing a blue state where violent crime and racist hate crimes are off the charts, and where the elites call for defunding the police, for a red state that cares about law and order. That’s the truth Adams doesn’t want to admit.

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