Adams: Real Cop ‘Defunders’ Are Those Who Voted Against BBB

Adams: Real Cop ‘Defunders’ Are Those Who Voted Against BBB

April 18, 2022

Sunday on ABC’s This Week, New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) claimed ludicrously that lawmakers who voted against President Biden’s “Build Back Better” spending package are “defunders of the police.”

Asked about how to fight rising crime in his city, Adams replied, “It’s a national problem. I say over and over again that many rivers feed the sea of violence. It’s a national issue. It’s not a red state, blue state. In fact, red states are experiencing a higher murder rate than blue states. Tulsa is three times the murder rate of Los Angeles. Mississippi, Kentucky, Louisiana — those are the highest murder rates in our entire country. I think the president has done an amazing job.”

Fact checks: no, the president hasn’t done an amazing job, and no, high murder rates are not a red state issue but a blue city issue. Democrat-run cities are murder capitals.

He added, “You heard the narrative beforehand about defunding the police. Let me tell you what the defunders of the police are, those who didn’t vote on the Build Back Better bill. Money was in that bill for police officers. We have 2,400 ATF agents in our country. Only 80 are in New York. We need to double that amount. We need to go after the ghost guns. Then we have to be preventive. Many of these generational social problems have become the pipeline to violence.”

Fact checks: 1) “ghost guns” are not the problem; 2) defunding the police was and is a Democrat platform, not a Republican one; 3) the generational social problems Adams referred to were caused by Democrat policies, and more of the same Democrat policies will not solve surging crime in his city or anywhere across the nation.

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