Adams: GOP Govs. Bussing Migrants to ‘Cover Up’ Anti-Abortion, Pro-Guns Abuses

Adams: GOP Govs. Bussing Migrants to ‘Cover Up’ Anti-Abortion, Pro-Guns Abuses

September 19, 2022

Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union, New York City Mayor Eric Adams bizarrely reasoned that Govs. Greg Abbott (R-TX) and Ron DeSantis (R-FL) were sending migrants to cities like his to “cover up” their states’ laws on abortion and guns.

Adams said, “I think it’s a message for the entire country. These are two governors who are hiding up some of the actions they’ve done around gun control which is really a proliferation in our country with guns. It’s what they did with the women’s right to choose. You see, this is their way of covering up what many people have been really concerned about, the erosions of basic human rights. We’re saying crisis calls for coordination. We received a minimum of six buses early this morning. Over 11,000 individuals, asylum-seekers, and migrants have come to the city already. It is time for us to coordinate this humanitarian crisis that our country is facing.”

A humanitarian crisis that Democrats intentionally perpetrated.

He added, “They think the politics of treating people in an inhumane manner to cover up, I believe, what they’ve done around human rights, the erosion of it the last few years is what they believe is the best way to handle it. I just disagree.”

What a desperate excuse and blame-shifting. Adams and his Democrat cohorts want Republican governors and red states to suffer the consequences of the Left’s open-borders agenda, but when those Republican governors turn the tables, the Democrats resent having to deal with it in their own backyard.

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